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Crocus Hill Residence

This St. Paul Victorian has generous, beautifully detailed living spaces along its front, whereas the rear contained chopped up kitchen, pantry, and back hall spaces that did not function well for the family. A carefully detailed addition enlarged the kitchen and created an eat-in dining area that looks out to the yard and opens to the new back porch. The renovation also created a large mudroom and relocated a butler’s pantry and powder room off the dining room. Throughout the interior, traditional cabinets and classic design are offered up with a twist. A modern, woven wallpaper in the powder room and an exquisite marble mosaic backsplash in the kitchen provide the moments of surprise and delight that give the home a distinct character, and matched the homeowners’ tastes perfectly. On the exterior, the addition blends seamlessly with the existing architecture, and the intricately detailed rear porch creates a welcoming depth and connection to the yard.