Shoreline Residence

Situated on a picturesque site on the east shore of a lake, this new home is designed to bring the experience of the lake into the house. The large living and family rooms feature panoramic lake views through floor to ceiling windows, and a clerestory above creates a sense of openness and lightness to the spaces. A stone fireplace visually ties the lightness of the roofs to the ground. This detail is repeated throughout the home, as stone forms a base along the lake side of the home and extends vertically where needed for structure. To further define space, stucco masses are inserted under the main roof of the home. These are separated from the roof by a row of transom windows that are recessed back into the home. This creates the appearance of the roof floating over the stucco, accentuating its planar nature. Copper fascia on the roof edges, and cedar under the eaves add a warmth in material and depth in texture to the otherwise simple roofline.

Press & Awards

This project was featured in Florida Design magazine.

  • Interior Design
  • Alene Workman Interior Design

  • Landscape Architect
  • Travis Van Liere Studio

  • Project Team
  • Lars Peterssen, Gabriel Keller, Andrew Edwins, Jason Briles, Jim Larson, Carol O'Brien

  • Lighting Consultant
  • Michael Cohen, Schuler Shook

  • Contractor
  • Streeter & Associates

  • Photographer
  • Exterior: Paul Crosby

    Interior: Karen Melvin