Lowry Hill Residence

Originally designed in the 1950s by a prominent architect, the home had endured several unsuccessful remodeling projects. P/K  faced a long list of challenges, including a nonsensical floor plan with several hard-to-use levels, a kitchen that was disconnected from the living spaces, two back-to-back bathrooms, and other absurdities. P/K devised a simple, seamless design strategy to restore the home’s original mid-century spirit. Designed for the clients’ contemporary lifestyle, the home now features an open kitchen, translucent walls, abundant display space for the clients’ eclectic collections, and enough room for a pair of grand pianos.

  • Project Team
  • Ryan Fish, Lars Peterssen

  • Contractor
  • Gary Meichels

  • Lighting Designer
  • Michael Cohen, Schuler Shook

  • Photographer
  • Paul Crosby

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LowreyHillRes 06
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