This stirring multi-use development is designed to be stunningly and classically modern. A pure form of masonry (and yes, on all four sides!) envelops the façade, eroded only at the streetscape to create a welcoming openness towards Lake Calhoun. Crisp aluminum windows are cut into the facades, creating expansive voids that expose and open the interior spaces.

On the 4th floor, a boutique condo is set within an expanse of roof garden. The residence, truly a custom home atop the building, sets the tone for a new type of urban living and density.

The project is under development, with construction set to start the summer of 2015.

  • Project Team
  • Brent Nelson, Gabriel Keller, Lars Peterssen

  • Architect of Record
  • DJR Architecture

  • Contractor
  • Reuter Walton Commercial

Condo 01
Condo 02
Condo 03
Condo 03
Condo 04
Condo 04
Condo 05
Condo 06
Condo 07
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