Travail Flagship

The recently completed Travail Flagship restaurant is a revolution in restaurant design. Building off of the chefs two prior Travail design experiences, Travail 3.0 is as much a theatrical experience as it is a culinary one. Participants move through various spatial experiences throughout the night--from the hidden speakeasy, to working kitchen to the expansive rooftop terrace. The project surely needs to be seen to be believed (are those really knives hanging from the ceiling?).

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Press & Awards

Travail restaurant has already been featured in numerous publications including Architecture MN magazine, the StarTribune, Mpls.St.Paul magazine and the Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal.

  • Design Team
  • Ryan Fish, Bennett Bossert, Kristine Anderson, Gabriel Keller, Cynthia Burns, Bobby Smith

Travail Hubbard Ave028
Ext Int split
Travail Hubbard Ave024
Travail Hubbard Ave024
Travail Exterior
Travail Exterior
Travail Hubbard Ave020
Travail Hubbard Ave011
Travail Hubbard Ave003
Travail 08
Travail 06A
Travail 12
Travail Hubbard Ave039 Travail 16
Travail 05 Travail 10
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