Bayside Fireplace

Bayside Residence

Bayside Residence 025

Island View

Island View Residence

Island View 11

Summit Kitchen

Summit Ave 06

Snow Day

Salem Creek Residence11

Indoor / Outdoor

Bayside Residence

Cottagewood 013

Golf Terrace Dining

Golf Terrace10

Cottagewood Entry

Cottagewood Residence

Cottagewood 010

Outside Living

Dakota Prairie Residence

Dakota Prairie Residence 33

Credit River Residence

Credit River Residence

Credit River Residence18

Unbuilt: Hillside Residence

Ryan J. Fish, AIA, designed this 3D model to illustrate the fusion of great design with energy efficiency.

e 00

Golden Valley Residence

This award-winning sustainably designed home features geothermal HVAC and photovoltaic solar panels. The home won an AIA Minnesota Home of the Month Award, and was featured in Architecture Minnesota.

Tyrol-Hills-Residence 00

Roanoke Residence

Roanoke Residence 17

Television Den

S 018

Twin Lakes Rambler

The client loved their mid-century home, except for the drafty windows and the exorbitant energy costs. Now that the renovation is complete, the living--and the heating bills--is easy.


Riverside Seating

Dakota Prairie Residence

Dakota Prairie Residence 21

Fairhills Modern

Minnetonka Modern 12

Bright, White Kitchen

Riverside Residence

Riverside Residence 3

Highland Autumn

Highland Residence

Highlands Residence 021

Meadow Lane Living

Meadow Lane Overall V1

Basswood Remodel

Photo 025

Basswood Remodel

Photography: Spacecrafting

Photo 010

Lake Harriet Fireplace

Lake Harriet Residence

Lake Harriet Residence 4

Parkway Kitchen

Kitchen Angle

Breakfast Nook

Parkwood Residence 28

Linden Hills Cottage

Nearly a century ago, this Lake Calhoun cottage was a summer home. This renovation respected the original spirit while making it comfortable, energy-efficient, and functional for a modern family.

LindenHillsCottage 00

Lake View Kitchen

Lafayette Retreat


Mid Century Modern

FullBrowserImages MCR 04

Twelve Days of Sketching: Day 7

Day7 Snap

Eminent Residence

3 Relaxed Contemporary Kitchen Design

Concept: Surly Brewery

We collaborated with Surly founder Omar Ansari to develop a conceptual design for a destination brewery with a restaurant, a terraced beer garden,a green roof, and outdoor ampitheater.

Surly-Brewery 00

Summerville Patio

20560 Summerville Rd 065

Lakeside Retreat

Square Lake Cabin8

Parkwood Kitchen

Parkwood Residence 31

Midwest Home: Enchanted Island Modern

"Fashion Meets Architecture": the latest in New York fashion paired beautifully with our Enchanted Island Modern residence.

Snapshot Magazine Covers 02

Sun-filled Seating

FullBrowser 08

Lake Harriet Arts & Crafts

This Arts & Crafts Tudor was honored with a B.L.E.N.D. Award for the beautiful renovation.


Curved Wood Gallery

Curved-Wood 02

Huntington Kitchen

Huntington Residence

Huntington 13

Scandinavian Cabin

FullBrowser GLC 04

Credit River Entry

Credit River Residence

Credit River Residence7

Edina Retreat

Edina Retreat 5

Cedar Lake View

Cedar Lake Mid-Century

Cedar lake Mid Century 21


2016 02 22  Principals

Fireplace & Stair

Isles Modern

Lake Of the Isles 0014

Lakeside Oasis


Braemar Hill Seating

braemarhills 09

Indoor Outdoor Spaces

Bayside Residence

Bayside Residence 019

Gallery Wall

Pk Bookcase

Indianola Residence

a 002

Garage becomes reading room


Abbot at Evening

Abbott Residence24.jpg

Bayside Terrace

Bayside Residence

Bayside Residence 18

Sunfish Lake Sunlight

Sunfish Lake 017

Golf Terrace at Dusk

Golf Terrace6

Edgewater Kitchen

EdgewwaterKitchen 00

Vaulted Living

FullBrowser MCC 08

Sunfish Lake Seating

Sunfish Lake 061

Custom Entry

Bayside Residence

Bayside Residence 7

Lake, Pool and Home

Bayside Residence 018

The Stable

Stable 00

Meadow Lane Patio

Meadow Lane Patio Porch Kitchen Hr

Concept: Desert Retreat

Desert resort

Deephaven Residence

Deephaven Residence

Deephaven 01

UNBUILT: Long Island Retreat

Gabriel Keller co-conceived this Hamptons home with glass facades to reveal the ocean beyond.

Long-Island-Retreat 00

Summit Ave Sun Porch

Summit Ave 05

Lakeside retreat

Snapshot Lakeside Getaway

Golden Valley Mid-Century

Fm N001

Country Club Kitchen

Country Club Residence

Country Club Residence 11

Groveland Pool

Groveland Retreat

Groveland Retreat 021

Sheridan Modern

Sheridan Residence

Sheridan 04

Double Vanity

Golf Terrace18

Golf Terrace Residence

Golf Terrace1

Deephaven Residence

Challenged by a small, outdated kitchen, the P/K team collaborated with interior designer Brandi Hagen to create a spacious kitchen, galley pantry, and family room that reflects the original modernist spirit of the home.

Deephaven Splash

Wonder Wall

For a client who loves the colors and textures of nature, we combined a breathtaking marble wall with a dramatic center island of American walnut.


Evening Tutor

Dsc 0169

Sustainable Retreat


Sunfish Lake Entry

Sunfish Lake 03

Steel Windows & Fall Colors

Island View Residence

Island View 17

Crocus Hill Georgian

We collaborated with our client, a design connoisseur, to renovate this classic 1920s Georgian, bringing new light, better flow, and a sophisticated design sensibility to the home.

Crocus-Hill-Avenue 00

Sunny Seating

Country Club Residence3

Meadow Lane Residence

Meadow Lane Ext East Hr V2

On the Pond

Medina Residence 7

York Residence

York Residence30.gif

Prairie Sanctuary

Dakota Prairie Residence

Dakota Prairie Residence 35

Lake View Porch

Minnetonka Beach 6255 2

Reading Lounge

Carlyle Loft

Carlyle Lofts 022

Social Kitchen

Golf Terrace8

City Loft

S 002

Modern Color

Cedar Lake Residence

FullBrowserImages CLI 05

Outdoor Living

Huntington Residence

Huntington 14

Crocus Hill Georgian

CrocusHill 03

Private Garden

Island View Residence

Island View 15

Concept: Nordic Spa

Nordic resort

Mid-Century Bliss

FullBrowserImages MCR 07

Square Lake Cabin

Square Lake Cabin

Square Lake Cabin3

In Progress: New York Manor

NY 00

Canine Approved

Batson  Kitchen 00

Sheridan Stair

Sheridan 11

Golf Terrace Kitchen

Golf Terrace9

Crocus Residence

Working closely with interior designer Martina Willegale, ASID, of Designs by Martina, we transformed a warren of small, dark rooms into an open, welcoming space for cooking, entertaining, and hanging out.

Crocus-Residence 00

Vaulted Ceiling

Dakota Prairie Residence

Dakota Prairie Residence 12

Lowry Hill Cottage


Sweeny Lake Residence Concept

in render 01

Lake Superior Retreat

For a simple yet sophisticated family home on Lake Superior, Nature dictated the perfect location. Set on 14-acres with spectacular views of water and sky, the main cabin and guest house are connected by a covered breezeway.


Modern Living

Lake Of the Isles 0019

Private Terrace

Web 048

Orono Pavilion

Orono Residence 4

Edgewater Lobby

Edgewater III


Edina In Progress

With any new project, the true test is whether the design is beautiful, even sans furnishings.


Parkwood View

Parkwood Residence

Parkwood Residence 9

Pool Room

Dakota Prairie Residence 32

Burnham Remodel

Pk Md Acheson Night Ext2

Cottagewood Living


Golden Valley Ranch

We renovated this mid-century ranch home in Golden Valley with an improved space plan, an open staircase, and oversized windows that allow light and energy to flow easily throughout the home.


Lakeview Residence

Streeter  Flash

Mid Mod Kitchen

Midmodkitchen Cover

Brookview Residence

This new home captures the spirit of Midwestern charm and blends it with a classic Americana aesthetic of the east coast cottage.

Brookview 00

Lafayette Retreat

Lafayette Retreat

Minnetonka Beach Exteriors  Mg 0707 Final

Indoor Court

Bayside Residence

Bayside Residence 17

Custom Powder Vanity

S 025

Custom Wine Cabinet

15056 122nd St N 023

Med'oza Ponds Residence

MedozaPonds 00

Makeup Counter

Ivy Tower Loft

Ivy Tower Loft 16

Metal Staircase

Lake Harriet Residence

Peterssen Keller Architecture Trestle Homes In Unison Design 4825 Queen Ave S 005

Cedar Lake International

Cedar Lake Residence

FullBrowserImages CLI 23

Northwood Kitchen & Loft

Wi 007

Marble Bathroom

Carlyle Loft

Carlyle Lofts 046

Modern Pantry

Minnetonka Modern 10

Woodhill Ranch

This project, a dynamic addition to a 1950s mid-century modern home, was featured in Midwest Home magazine.


Burnham Residence

Pk M 2


Cottage Wood Beach House Library

Clothes Heaven

Walkincloset Cover

Traditional Pool House

Country Club Residence

Country Club Residence2

Sun-filled Hall

Cedar Lake Mid-Century

Cedar lake Mid Century 17

Spice Rack

East Calhoun Residence20

Iron Plaster & Wood

Parkwood Residence 36

Waterfall Countertop

Kitchen Island Detail

Kenwood Screen Facade

Kenwood Condos

Kenwood Condos 003

Twelve Days of Sketching: Day 8

Day8 Snap

Steel Railing

FullBrowserImages RGM 13

Side Kitchen

Abbott Residence

Abbott Residence16.jpg

Square Lake Guest Bedroom

Square Lake Cabin13

Private Courtyard

Bayside Residence

Bayside Residence 020

Golf Terrace Entry

Golf Terrace3

Ivy Tower Kitchen

Ivy Tower Loft 8

Brookview Residence

Design Team:Gabriel Keller

Photography: Spacecrafting

Snap15529 Brookview 013

Custom Wine Cabinet

Medina Residence 22

Home Office

S 016

Deephaven Pantry

Deephaven Res 06

Ivy Tower View

Ivy Tower Loft 3

Cabin Retreat Entry

StCroixCompound 06

Modern Kitchen Island

20560 Summerville Rd 030

Aligned Views

Dakota Prairie Residence

Dakota Prairie Residence 15

Nordic Prairie

A mudroom that has as much character as the family that it belongs to.

Cover Chartrusehall

Classic Entry

Abbott Residence4.jpg

Coffee Corner


Twelve Days of Sketching: Day 6

Day6 Snap

Tree Canopy Vista

Web 008

Vernacular Cottage

Wi 020

Highland Dining

Highlands Residence

Highlands Residence 004

Custom Wine Cellar

Minnetonka Modern

Minnetonka Modern 6

Country Club Seating

Country Club Residence 14

Powder Room

Cottagewood Beach House4

Sun Seating


Loft Art

Carlyle Loft

Carlyle Lofts 042

Loft Entry

S 001

Cabin Terrace

StCroixCompound 02

Unbuilt: Harriet Park Residence

This new home offers a fresh, contemporary twist on Scandinavian cottage style.

Harriet-Park-Residence 00


2015.11.11 BarnettStair

Iconic Design

2015 12 03  Lacy

Illuminating the axis

2015.11.09 BarnettHall

Twelve Days of Sketching: Day 5

Day5 Snap

Feel like home?

Green-Dream-Home 000

Country Club Fireplace

Country Club Residence 9

Vintage Details

Island View 9

Concept: Calhoun

2015.10.28 HoltzExt

Shoreline Vista

2015.11.03 BarnettExt02

Sheridan Residence

2015.10.23 PhamInt

Edgewater VII

Edqewater vii 02

Edgewater VI

Snapshot EdgewaterContemporary 01

The eye must travel

The Eye Must Travel

Tribeca meets Crocus Hill

2015.11.02 Bradley

Lakeside Sunset

2015.11.03 BarnettExt03

Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 6

2020 day 6

Harry Wild Jones

2015.11.06 Meline

LEED Platinum Bungalow

Kenilworth-Bungalow 00

Iowa Farmhouse


Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 10

2020 day 10

Winter Cabin

Long-Lake-Retreat 01

Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 7

2020 day 7

Aligned Views

Enchanted Island Modern 01

Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 11

Day 11

Artist in Residence

Bennett Art

PKA. Style

2015.10.22 PhamExt

2013 Art Show

ArtShow 2013 Patrick Splash

2012 Art Show


Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 9

2020 day 9

Concept: Kenwood

2015.10.21 OliverHouse


Snapshot LowryHC 01

Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 4

2020 day 4

Ross & Orenstein


Every House Has A Story

2016 01 27  Brandt Living

Twelve Days of Sketching: Day 1

2020 day 1

Garage Beautiful


2014 Art Show

2014 ArtShow 02


2015.11.05 BarnetFoyer

Humbolt Kitchen

Humboldt Loft13


2015.10.19 LarsHoltz

Private Oasis

2015.11.13 BarnettBath

Snow Day

2016 02 02  Snow

Zenith Stairway

Zenith  Interior  Stair

Backyard Oasis

Hgtv Exterior 2

Modern Bath

S 023

Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 2

2020 day 2

2010 Art Show

2010 ArtShow Splash

Linden Hills Craftsman

Linden-Hills-Craftsman 00

A Mid Century Icon

South Tyrol Mid Century

Lake of the Isles Residence


Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 3

2020 day 3

Dreaming of Nosara

2015 12 04  Alpeter

Beginning with bumwad

2015.11.16 ChadSketch

East Isles Tuck Under


Isles Craftsman

IslesCraftsman 00

Twelve Days of Sketching: Day 2

Day2 Snap

It's in the details

2015.10.22 BarnettDetail

Laundry Suite

Batson  Laundry 00


Ivy Tower Loft 13

Butler's Pantry


2011 Art Show

2011 ArtShow Splash

Design is in the Details


Interlachen Fireplace

Interlachen Residence Int08

Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 5

2020 day 5

Twelve Days of Sketching: Day 1

Day1 Snap

At home with art

2015 11 17  Bengston

2015 Art Show

2015ArtShow 00

Edgewater V


Nautical Shower

Minnetonka Beach 5854

Pelican Lake Cabin

Pelican Rapids 014

Welcome to the lake

2015.11.03 BarnettExt001

Sink & Faucet

S 026

Twelve Days of Sketching: Day 11

Day11 Snap

Isles Suite


Feather Lights

braemarhills 01

Twelve Days of Sketching - Day 8

2020 day 8

Riverview Oasis

Riverview Residence

Riverview Residence 002

Furniture Classics

FullBrowserImages CLI 28

Linden Hills Farmhouse

Visitors find it hard to believe that this charming home is brand new, as the scale, detailing, and welcoming front porch are perfectly at home in the Linden Hills neighborhood. It even received a Buildings and Landscapes Enhancing the Neighborhood Through Design (B.L.E.N.D) award!

Linden-Hills-Farmhouse 00

Where materials meet.

Pelican Rapids 003

Indianola Residence

Snap5112 Indianola 005

For the aspiring cook

Zenith  Interior  Kitchen

East Isles Arts & Crafts

An addition on this stately Harry Wild Jones designed home, blends beautifully on the exterior, while infusing the house with a modern twist on the interior.

Loring Tudor


There's beauty in the unexpected.

Bengtson  Bjork

Green Dream Home

Selected as the Green Dream Home for the 2013 Parade of Homes Spring Preview, this home includes geothermal HVAC, photovoltaic solar panels, a plug-in system for an electric car, and other sustainable design features.

Green-Dream-Home 01

Iowa Farmhouse

Iowa 02

Steel Stair

Medina Residence

Medina Residence 1

Pool House Lounge

Groveland Retreat

Groveland retreat 015

PKA Site Visit With Cat Wallpaper

Image From I Os

Comfortable Overlook

Carlyle Loft

Carlyle Lofts 041

We love fun details!


East Parkway Residence


Bright Kitchen

HGTV Urban Oasis® 2019

Hgtv Interior 1

Family Cabin

Hayward Retreat


The Edgewater

Situated on the shores of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, the Edgewater features 22 shell units that have been built-out as custom-designed homes.

Edgewater 00

East Isles Renovation


Tudor Courtyard

Lake Maka Ska Residence

La Salle Residence 34

Colfax Residence

Colfax 01 Cover

Riverside Piano Room

Riverside Residence


B&B or Master Suite?

Batson  Bed 00

Cabo Hacienda Moderna

Puerto Los Cabos Fundadores 31

Framed Vista

Whether by happenstance or design, many of our clients share our passion for lakes, oceans, and rivers. While each project is as unique as the clients, our work is always guided by a respect for the environment, an understanding or how a home should relate to its surroundings, and our commitment to exceptional design and enduring quality.

FramedVista Splash

Bayside Social

Bayside Residence

Bayside Residence 14

Reading in the sunlight.

Credit River Residence

Reading Nook

River Bluff Compound

StCroixCompound 03